OpenLDAP Docker Image for testing

This Directory service is build from rroemhild/test-openldap

There information came from !docker-test-openldap

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This image provides an OpenLDAP Server for testing LDAP applications, i.e. unit tests. The server is initialized with the example domain with data from the [Futurama Wiki][futuramawikia].

Parts of the image are based on the work from Nick Stenning [docker-slapd][slapd] and Bertrand Gouny [docker-openldap][openldap].

Login Accounts

Login Password
Hubert J. Farnsworth professor
Philip J. Fry fry
Hermes Conrad hermes
Turanga Leela leela 
Bender Bending Rodríguez bender 

LDAP structure


Admin Secret
cn=admin,dc=planetexpress,dc=com GoodNewsEveryone


cn=Hubert J. Farnsworth,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com

Attribute Value
objectClass inetOrgPerson
cn Hubert J. Farnsworth
sn Farnsworth
description Human
displayName Professor Farnsworth
employeeType Owner
employeeType Founder
givenName Hubert
jpegPhoto JPEG-Photo (630x507 Pixel, 26780 Bytes)
ou Office Management
title Professor
uid professor
userPassword professor

cn=Philip J. Fry,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com

Attribute Value
objectClass inetOrgPerson
cn Philip J. Fry
sn Fry
description Human
displayName Fry
employeeType Delivery boy
givenName Philip
jpegPhoto JPEG-Photo (429x350 Pixel, 22132 Bytes)
ou Delivering Crew
uid fry
userPassword fry

cn=John A. Zoidberg,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com

Attribute Value
objectClass inetOrgPerson
cn John A. Zoidberg
sn Zoidberg
description Decapodian
displayName Zoidberg
employeeType Doctor
givenName John
jpegPhoto JPEG-Photo (343x280 Pixel, 26438 Bytes)
ou Staff
title Ph. D.
uid zoidberg
userPassword zoidberg

cn=Hermes Conrad,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com

Attribute Value
objectClass inetOrgPerson
cn Hermes Conrad
sn Conrad
description Human
employeeType Bureaucrat
employeeType Accountant
givenName Hermes
ou Office Management
uid hermes
userPassword hermes

cn=Turanga Leela,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com

Attribute Value
objectClass inetOrgPerson
cn Turanga Leela
sn Turanga
description Mutant
employeeType Captain
employeeType Pilot
givenName Leela
jpegPhoto JPEG-Photo (429x350 Pixel, 26526 Bytes)
ou Delivering Crew
uid leela
userPassword leela

cn=Bender Bending Rodríguez,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com

Attribute Value
objectClass inetOrgPerson
cn Bender Bending Rodríguez
sn Rodríguez
description Robot
employeeType Ship's Robot
givenName Bender
jpegPhoto JPEG-Photo (436x570 Pixel, 26819 Bytes)
ou Delivering Crew
uid bender
userPassword bender

cn=Amy Wong+sn=Kroker,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com

Amy has a multi-valued DN

Attribute Value
objectClass inetOrgPerson
cn Amy Wong
sn Kroker
description Human
givenName Amy
ou Intern
uid amy
userPassword amy


Attribute Value
objectClass Group
cn admin_staff
member cn=Hubert J. Farnsworth,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com
member cn=Hermes Conrad,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com


Attribute Value
objectClass Group
cn ship_crew
member cn=Turanga Leela,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com
member cn=Philip J. Fry,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com
member cn=Bender Bending Rodríguez,ou=people,dc=planetexpress,dc=com